Scott Songs: March 2018  Podcast

Song: Jump (Van Halen)

I don't do a lot of covers. When I do I make every effort to have fun with them and make them my own. I will be honest with you and say flat out that I loved Van Halen back in the day - at least any album with David Lee Roth - and like many, I felt betrayed when Van Hagar became a thing. So why this song? Well, I was just surprised by it one day.

I often play this simple chord progression in C major so that clients I work with can experience successful music making using pitched instruments - xylophone, pentatonic marimba, Hapi Drum (sort of a steel drum), etc... To add some interest I might switch briefly to A minor with a descending bass line that eventually goes back to C major. There are hundreds of songs in the clinical repertoire of a music therapist using this chord progression. At some point this morphed from Harry Belafonte's version of "Jamaica Farewell" into a cover of "Jump." I knew all the words from my childhood and was pretty solid with the melody. I found that it worked well with this basic chord progression. And it was fun.

Technical Specs  

Machine: Tascam 388, bounced to Pro Tools First and back to the 388 for more tracking 

Pre-amp: Art Tube Pre (the one with presets for about $75)  

Microphone: Audio Technica 4033

Lead Guitar: 1991 Gibson Les Paul Standard through Fender Blues with a Comptortion pedal for overdrive 

Rhythm Guitar: La Patrie Concert (nylon)

Bass: 1970s Univox (Beatle copy)  

Drums: brushes on 1960s Ludwig snare and hi-hats

Keys: Korg SV-1 (organ setting w/ rotary speaker), Yamaha console piano 

Percussion: old wooden tambourine with drum stick

Mixed at home and mastered by Warren Gardiner at Gardiner Audio in Melbourne, AUS. Please reach out to him if you are in need of mixing and mastering services. His rates are reasonable and he does excellent listening!

  1. Jump (Van Halen cover)

Scott Songs: February 2018   Podcast

Song: Love Creepin'

As a music therapist I get the pleasure of working with many different populations. One such group lives in residential care and they have various forms of dementia. I discovered I could hold their attention and spark creativity in their lives by making up stories (very tall tales) usually centered around themes of family, fun, and love. These are not songs per say but rather... and then what happened? improvisations. I usually support their ideas with familiar songs and facilitate live music making with various percussion instruments such as tambourines, drums, and xylophones. After one of these days, I left work with this nugget of an idea. 

Technical Specs 

Machine: Tascam 388, bounced to Pro Tools First and back to the 388 for more tracking

Pre-amp: Art Tube Pre (the one with presets for about $75) 

Microphone: Cascade V57, Sure SM 58 

Ukulele: much beloved hand-me-down baritone from my mother back in the 1980s - no brand but a gem 

Lead Guitar: 1991 Gibson Les Paul standard through Fender Blues with a Comptortion pedal for overdrive

Rhythm Guitar: same Les Paul, same amp, Rocker Box vibrato pedal

Bass: 1970s Univox (Beatle copy) 

Drums: Buffalo frame drum, 1960s Ludwig snare and hi-hat with, brushes on hi-hats and sticks on snare w/ wallet for dampening

Keys: Korg Nano Key2, Yamaha console piano

Percussion: old wooden tambourine, wind chimes

Mixed at home and mastered by Warren Gardiner at Gardiner Audio in Melbourne, AUS. Please reach out to him if you are in need of mixing and mastering services. His rates are reasonable and he does excellent listening!

  1. Love Creepin'

Scott Songs: January 2018 Oz addition  Podcast

My good friend Warren Gardiner mastered "Everybody Knows This Year." Warren is a terrific engineer down in Melbourne, Australia. He and I worked on several projects over the years and I am happy to be working with him again to bring more quality to this Scott Songs Blog project. Please feel free to download and enjoy this improved version of "Everybody Knows This Year."

If anyone is in need of great engineering work (mixing and mastering) please reach out to Warren here

  1. Everybody Knows This Year (mastered)

Scott Songs: January 2018  Podcast

Song: Everybody Knows This Year

This song was written on New Year's Eve 2017, for many a 'crummy old year.' For me it was one filled with love and joy and everything good. Enjoy!

Technical Specs

Machine: Tascam 388, finished with Pro Tools First

Pre-amp: Art Tube Pre (the one with presets for about $75)

Microphone: AT 4033

Rhythm Guitar: 1963 Gibson B-25

Lead Guitar: same guitar mic'd across the bottom of a snare drum so as to add 'distortion' created by rattling snares

Bass: 1970s Univox (Beatle copy)

Drums: Buffalo frame drum, rim shot on 1960s Ludwig snare, brushes on hi-hats

Keys: Hohner melodica



  1. Everybody Knows This Year

San Francisco Community Radio 

I just have to say I really appreciate community radio. I have had the pleasure of being on the radio many times in my life and I'll just say that my first visit to San Francisco Community Radio was my best experience. I played 5 - 6 live songs from Little Tiny Things. I selected some of the playlist and I got to talk music therapy. I was harassed by a strange strange dude outside the station (very unnerving). Lastly, I met a great couple of people including host of the Hangover Sessions, Alex Webber. If you missed it, here's your second chance!

Click on the photo to go direct to the podcast:

Also, if you would like to contribute to this vibrant community radio station you may figure that out by visiting San Francisco Community Radio. They have been approved for the FM dial as of January 2018. 

Special Shipping Deal for International Fans 

Dear overseas fans,

As a token of my affection for your ears and because outrageous postal rates should not get in the way of my love for you, I have a special shipping offer. You can receive my new record, Little Tiny Things, for a flat rate of $25. At checkout, you will see the price of the LP is $18 and notice the shipping price is $7. This is a steal because it actually costs me $24 to send the record to you, so you are getting the record for only $1 plus postage. In other words, I'm eating the cost of the record because I love you that much. You may place your orders today through my Bandcamp site by clicking here.



Scott Garred


Brand new double 7" out now! 

I finally cracked open a large box of personal recordings that I had been carrying around.  I discovered some cassettes marked Home Recordings Oct. and Dec. 1997.  I selected a tape from the pile, put it in my Yamaha MT4X, and was immediately transported back in time to a version of myself 20 years younger.  I don’t remember why I didn’t use these songs.  I created them too late to be on Silver Scooter’s debut album and quite possibly too late for the Super XX Man Vol. III 7”.  I do know this:  The songs were re-recorded for the second Silver Scooter LP Orleans Parish and Super XX Man’s Vol. IV CD.   

I am happy to make these rare gems available on this limited double 7” release.  Also included in this package via digital download are four songs from a 1997 Silver Scooter concert at Liberty Lunch in Austin, TX.  These bonus tracks are raw and good and true to what the band was… way way back.

Order your copy today from PIAPTK.COM

Live at Liberty Lunch 

Silver Scooter Live at Liberty Lunch March 1997 

I click the play button on my old 4-Track and hear the crowd. I hear John’s voice and Tom’s sticks. I hear my old guitar being tuned by my 24-year old hands. I hear quiet stage banter between the three of us. We agree to start. The sticks click and bam we’re on playing “Biting my nails.”   

If I could feel the power harnessed by my old band Silver Scooter once again as it was when it was in the beginning, I would rejoice. I would actually kill to experience that 1967 Guild guitar tone vibrating my entire body, which was simultaneously being pulsed forward by Tom’s tom tom fills and John’s bass like a buzz saw. To taste a cold Lonestar from one of those bottles before it went crash in the barrel behind the bar - you know the guy behind the bar tossing bottles doesn’t give a shit about anything.  He just wants his shift to end so he can have sex with his girlfriend who’s working over at the Electric Lounge. He would have texted her. Those weren’t the days. 

I remember setting up my 4-Track cassette deck at center stage with my two SM-58s x/y’d above the monitors. I remember Dave McNair saying “yeah that’ll be great.” Liberty Lunch was a big venue especially for our little band back then.  To hear me say at the end of the set, “We have singles for sale in the back” makes me smile.  I remember stuffing those singles over at Travis’ apartment just off UT’s main drag Guadalupe. Folded xeroxed cover around 7” record, stuff in plastic. Next one. OK. Five hundred of those babies finished.  

Back to Liberty Lunch. I just heard my old self say, “This is a new song called Tractor Pull.” It was sounding great until the tape ran out and the second half of the song was gone just like that. No ‘shit-eating grins’ I guess. 

I have always written about the brain and the heart. I had a theory that the heart was actually in control, totally in control. The song ‘Brain and Heart’ live had power I didn’t give credit. It’s a fast song and has plenty of attitude. Tom rips off this snare roll for what seems like four measures while John and I are going absolutely Congress Ave. Bridge bat shit crazy.  

My favorite cut of the night is Longfence. It bounces and bobs through subtle tempo changes and volume. Tom starts it with his classic snare, tom, snare, tom every other beat hi-hat thingy he does so well. I can see his concentration in my mind’s eye right now. I’ve known this concentration for over 25 years.   

The songs I will be selecting to share sound as fresh today as they did in 1997. I’m more than positive a Lonestar still tastes as good as any beer on the planet. 

Please check out the Indiegogo campaign and consider making a pledge. When the campaign is at 60% I will be sharing what I've been listening to along with some other rare unreleased demos.  

Take care,



Personal Theme Song 

I have begun recording sessions in my 1991 VW Westfalia camper I call Ocean View Shangri-la.  She's a good machine.  I spent New Year's Eve under a canopy of clear constellations on the edge of the continent somewhere around Bolinas, CA.  I made a cup of tea and set up my computer, interface, and microphone.  I shot this video to prove it all happened.  It was cold.


Personal Theme Song from Scott Garred on Vimeo.